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TripleClicks is a members only website and it offers the following products and services:

Membership is free without any obligations. Membership is required for, among other things, support by your assigned affiliate, keeping track of bid credits and reward points.

Why are you here

In December 2015 I found myself being an affiliate in SFI. And of course you can click on that link and learn more, but you may as well first know more about TripleClicks. As in the end SFI is all about promoting the products and services of TripleClicks, and you may just want to avail of those services. Actually that is what I would prefer, although I can always use people who would want to be affiliate in SFI.

And TripleClicks is many things, and yes, it is based on a Multilevel Network Marketing concept, which with many people has a bad name. And I can imagine that, as I used to think that, and partly I still think some of the methods in MLM are bad, even though they work for members, at least on the higher levels. But more about that later.

Why buy or do things at TripleClicks

Well, I think you should only do or buy things at TripleClicks if the articles and services suit you. No more, no less.

And it is my personal goal to make your TripleClicks experience a good one, like having a good deal or enjoying the penny auctions or playing the games.

So if you decide to become a member, as membership is required to buy or do anything at TripleClicks, and you do that through me, then please contact me directly if you have any questions, concerns or complaints.

As similar to any other business owner, I want your experience through me to be a positive one. I want you to be a valued customer, no more no less. And I want to know you personally, even though I am not sure if I can manage to do that in the future.

Become a member

I don't know why and how you ended up in this page, but if you like to buy or do anything at TripleClicks I hope you do that through me by signing up to TripleClicks through one of the links on the About TripleClicks page.