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Mobile devicesEnd of 2015 I found I was an affiliate of TripleClicks, somehow introduced by a friend of mine who asked me to do him a favour by playing some online game every week, which cost me like less than five minutes.

And I don't know exactly when I realized this TripleClicks thing could be something very interesting for me, but in December 2015 I started working it. And as in general it is best to focus on something, find some niche market, I decided to focus on iPhones, or Smartphones, or mobile devices, whatever. So I started posting things on my Facebook page and advertising the page and the posts, only to find out I got a lot of 'Likes', and quite a number of followers, but no sales, not even TripleClicks members.

Then, reading and thinking a bit more about marketing, I realized I didn't really add value, so of course people wouldn't buy from me. I just shared some posts with nice photos of mobile devices and some other things, which people apparently 'liked', but probably more because they liked the photo or the item than because they wanted it or wanted to buy it.

So, then I decided to work some more on this site, a site that I kind of converted for TripleClicks and SFI. So here it is, the start of the 'added value for mobile devices' part of Dutch Quality.


One of the major issues with mobile devices nowadays is, that it is not easy to categorize them. I mean, before 2008 or 2009 or so it was very simple, there were desktops, laptops, mobile phones and something like iPhone (the iPhone was introduced in 2007, but I guess it took a while before it became really known and popular). Nowadays there is a whole range of mobile devices with sizes and capabilities from anything like laptop to smallest size size mobile phones.

Anyhow, to me it is still convenient to distinguish something like laptop, tablet and smartphone. Ah, and finally I will know if it is Smartphone or smartphone and I finally found an answer here: smartphone or Smartphone. So it is smartphone and not Smartphone as the word is not trademarked or anything.

I tend to categorize on size first, which brings me to (sizes to be defined):

Google has another categorizing based on use (choose your phone):