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As I decided to be an affiliate of SFI at first I thought I needed a separate website for my SFI work, so I chose my Dutch Quality site as it is not really useful anymore related to SEO.

And then I just put a link directly to TripleClicks in my TripleClicks Facebook page as that seemed more useful than putting a link to this site that does not really have a design and would turn people off.

But then I still want to do some SFI stuff in an own website, so I am just converting this site or will maybe just end up adding stuff here, as the old stuff may still be useful.

So please forgive the design for now as my focus is building some pages with useful information. Design can be done later, although in 2015 people expect nice designs and pictures everywhere, so I think I better work on that also, at least if I want to be successful. As in the end SFI is all about sales and marketing, and that better look good.

How did it start

Well, the start of this website was when we saw other SEO companies using multiple domains to promote their customer's websites.

Based on that we thought we could do a similar thing. Basically the only thing we wanted to promote was the page website aanmelden bij Google, so we started using the domains site-aanmelden-bij-google.nl and submit-site-to-google.com.

Then we realized that our motto is Dutch Quality Web Development at Affordable Prices and that we wanted to emphasize the Dutch Quality part in that.

Well, based on those two things we ended up with this domain: dutch-quality.com as the domain dutchquality.com was already gone.

What next

So what to do next. Not really sure. We're still doing the SEO research and stuff with link exchanges, so that might be a starting point. Maybe just hook up with companies and sites that are also advertising Dutch Quality. We'll just create a products page. And also added a services with high qualitypage.

And in 2013 the 'next' was to add the page Internet Marketing.

And what next

Well, SEO in the original sense of the word doesn't exist anymore, so this site, this domain is kind of obsolete. But I need some kind of location to play with my newest venture, internet network marketing, so this domain may as well be it.

So I joined the SFI internet network marketing program a few months ago, actually without knowing what I had signed up for, but anyhow, around two weeks ago I decided I might as well try to make it work. And I have no clue how or why I made that decision, but I started and got going. And getting points, getting started is relatively easy, but earning from it not so much, as with any business it seems to take some time and effort and even investment to get really going. But I will and I guess if I keep going a program like the one from SFI will just work. And that is what I want to write about, and I do it as well in this site.


Working on success with quality recently: how to achieve success. Want to promote the page fear of fear especially.

Sample may be Alwana Business Park Cagayan.


A site that we want to promote in a special way is Camping Smeraldo.

And for now here a link to our Dutch page.

What does Dutch Quality stand for

Well, related to the sites we found and what we stand for ourselves, Dutch Quality of course means High Quality. We'll check with the businesses using the term Dutch Quality what they mean with it.

If you are on the products page we would appreciate if you make a link back to this page. If you want to be publlished there, please let us know through the e-mail address: guus@activediscovery.net

About Dutch Quality or Nederlandse Kwaliteit

Check our page institutions for more about Dutch Quality.

Nice statement

If found a nice statement on the site Vastgoedmakelaar in Belgiƫ:

"Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort."

According to the co-immo site a quote from Aristoteles. And they are not Dutch, but presumably also stand for high quailty so deserve a place here.

Web directory

And for promotion we have a web directory with high quality services and products.