Dutch Quality Logo

How did it start

Well, very simple, as an effort to promote our company that stands for Dutch Quality at Affordable Prices.

And the basic background of course is just boosting the ranking in internet search with another domain, but that doesn't work as good anymore since the last Google update in September 2013.

And that update was also the reason to revamp this site, so we'll see what we can learn from it as rankings changed a lot in this update from September 2013. Actually we're a bit lost what to do as many of our sites, especially the more artificial ones like this one dropped a lot.

So that's basically a good thing as Google seems to become better and better in filtering artificial content and sites from real sites. But there is a catch as what is a real site and what is an artificial site.

Real site versus artificial site

And basically this is an artificial site as it's only purpose is and was to 'support' other sites, to support our company. But on the other hand it is a site we have put effort in, writing effort, programming effort in order to do this promotion. And there is nothing wrong with promotion in general as it is even the core business of Google.