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I understand you are interested in earning money online and either I pointed you to this page or you were probably sent here through an adertisement. And if you are looking for 'quick internet money' then better not read on, as I don't believe there is, at least not in this program, but also not elsewhere on the internet. Of course you are free to look elsewhere for some quick money to be earned online, but I think that is a waste of time.

What I do know is that with some work and persistence and determination it is possible to earn money online. And one of the options is through the program I am presenting here and am an affiliate of.

Please contact me first

Before signing up please first contact me, unless of course we have been in touch already about this, Guus Ellenkamp, as I think you should not sign up lightly for MLM program. Maybe unless I kind of pushed you to sign up, as then I would have confidence it might be the rigth thing for you to try or do.

Please keep in mind that if you sign up I will feel tempted and obliged to follow up your success in SFI, meaning I would want you to be successful. And success in MLM program means to me that I want you to earn a significant amount of money with a minimum investment in time and money. And yes, in MLM program you can make money with only investing time, but I believe that investing a little money will speed things up a little.

And as I will also invest time and probably a little money to support you, I want to be pretty sure you want to seriously make it work, as otherwise my time and effort and money would be wasted and I don't like that.

Sign up for SFI

Of course if you are really sure you want to sign up for SFI with me as your sponsor then you can click here to show this page with links to the sign up page of SFI.

Please note that earning money through the SFI affiliate program requires time, effort, determination and in practice even some investment, although the last can be avoided by spending more time.